Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some beliefs regarding the glory of God

1. The glory (or splendor, or majesty, or awesomeness) of God is infinite. For us as humans this means that God is the perpetual novelty because the wonders of His glory are inexaustable.

2. God is more important than us. He is infinite. All that exists depends on Him.

3. God has been infinitely joyful in the Trinity for all time.

4. All of the true Christian experience is centered on the glory of God. God's acts of salvation, including predestination, are "to the praise of His glory" (see Ephesians 1:5-14) and the process of sanctification is inspired by, powered by, and evidenced by the glory of God (see 2 Cor. 3:18). Thus we can say that "mundane" Christian experience is no Christian experience at all--not because we are "revolutionaries" but because of the ever-present and powerful God in all His glory and splendor and beauty and majesty.

5. God is chiefly concerned about being glorified. This is offensive to many but we must remember that (A) pride is an over-estimation of one's value, which is impossible for God who is infinitely valuable and therefore God's glorifying of Himself is always accurate and true; (B) in His concern for being glorified God has all peoples in mind; if He is glorified, they may know Him, and finally have true joy as they were created to enjoy, and (C) the most important thing any created thing can do is to attest to God's glory.

6. To "glorify God" does not mean that we make Him look better than He is (which is impossible and a blasphemous thought) but rather that we simply help people see Him for who He is. We "magnify" Him more like a telescope and not like a microscope.


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