Thursday, May 13, 2010

Everything Runs on Love

Everything runs on love. Love exists eternally between the three Persons of the Godhead and it is the core of what He has made here on the earth.

This love appears in many manifestations; friendship, romance, parenthood, even admiration. And everything runs on love. In our fallen world, the proof is this: watch what happens when love is disrupted. See what happens to children who are without assurance that daddy loves mommy. See that even after 40 years of marriage the husband hates the mention of the wife's old boyfriend. See the pain of the person cheated on. See the deep hurts of those without friends. Disrupt the love and you disrupt the very soul of a person--because everything runs on love. Without love, one doubts whether he or she can continue on in life--or whether they even should.

Despite the sad situation it should be a comfort to know this: That the Object of the greatest love we can experience is also the most perfect of any of the objects of our love--that our most important love relationship is with One who can be utterly trusted, has no wayward past, and has no failings ever, in His love.

In Him, healing happens, and all of the other loves experience restoration. But only in the heart that holds Him as the chief love.


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