Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Without apology

I do not believe the lie that the Church or the world are better served by Christians who lack a reverence for God, spend their time watching shows and movies and listening to music that God hates, and joke about the things that God hates. It's popular today to recount one's experience during the musical worship on Sunday, often with colored lights and stunning sound systems and emotional “worship faces” from the leaders as a great time “in the presence of God”. We don't know what the presence of God IS today. I know this because the presence of God frightens us and convicts us of our sin. Look at Isaiah's experience. Look at Peter's experience. If more people were entering the presence of God, they would stop dressing immodestly, stop joking irreverently, and stop living flippantly. They would have something more amazing to talk about than American Idol. They would pursue something greater than looking stylish. The popular claim to have been in the presence of God is in many cases either blasphemous, or nonsense, or both.


Kelli said...
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Kelli said...

If you were ever to preach this message and if I were present to hear it and if I was not shy, I would shout, "amen!" =D

(I had to delete my first comment due to grammatical error)

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