Thursday, January 28, 2010

2 for the price of 1

I am failing in the area of self-discipline. I know that I am failing because truths that once we so clear to me, while still "true", are pushed toward the back-burner. I believe God's Word is given as the truth we are meant to live in, and to see played out in everyday life. I have a diminished sense of these truths and realities. And I'm not talking about a couple days of missing devotion time. Rather I have some sense (and I could be wrong) that in an incredibly slow way that cannot simply be fought by means of one lone devotion time, however focused, sincere or sublime it may be. I am thinking more long-term. I am losing the core battle of life, the abs of godly living (when you lift heavy but have undeveloped abs, injuries start to happen). So that needs to change. I don't need one good prayer time. I need to discipline myself. It is not enough to roll out of bed only in time for work, day after day.

Personalities are sacred. Personality tests are very illuminating. They're limited, but still illuminating. Our personalities, in their infinite uniqueness and detail, reflect different aspects of the nature of God. That is why they are sacred. God is intelligent, creative, relational, gentle, unchanging, beautiful, joyful, self-aware, powerful, solid. And some people simply have certain of these qualities more than others do. And in these differences we (especially when restored by the transformation of the Holy Spirit) reflect God's image in different ways.


Kurt Juergens said...

Wow, my writing is terrible when I am tired.

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