Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not much

Well, now that the Reality of Christ blog is up and running (and a cool thing in my opinion), I think I will use this old blog of mine, for tonight, to indulge in the strange phenomenon of writing one's deep personal reflections online for all the world to see; an archived practice of early man known as "blogging".

But there isn't much to tell. I just feel strange tonight.

God is incredibly, wondrously great and I look forward to never thinking in anguish again, in His presence. I think a lot. Too much sometimes. What a thought, that my thoughts will one day be in perfect harmony and in perfect joy, with Christ. They will not circle around obsessively, there will be no discontentment to spur my thoughts on needlessly. They will come in health and they will function in health.

If I have a flaw that I know of I will do what I can to correct it. I do this. But then again I am still immature. I realized that even when you grow as a person, you will be at a new level of maturity, and a new person so to speak--one who has a whole new set of things to learn and mistakes to make. But with each new level of maturity and responsibility reached, one can at least rejoice in it. After all, many will live their whole lives without being honest with themselves about whatever you just decided to be honest with yourself about. Aging for them is especially hard. I have all the thickheadedness to end up one of them, but I have the grace of God that teaches me not to.

Sometimes fellowship with friends in Christ feels so good, that I actually almost feel guilty. Talk about a need to retrain one's conscience, and philosophy, and lifestyle!

My heart for Long Island is starting to outweigh my heart for New York City. I heard firstborns are built with a sort of "homing device". Makes sense. We have ducks in our backyard at home. We have all sorts of birds, and we have rabbits. We have rabbits and squirrels that will actually come up to us and be fed by hand. All of this is my mother's doing. They know her; she feeds them.

I have more to learn, but this is my philosophy of dealing with people. Stay 100% committed to God's Word, and keep your heart 100% open to the person--engage them and feel what they feel. Change happens this way. Always remember the disarming power of Christian love. It completely changes the nature of the conversation.

Our generation (young and "cool" people) of Christians has GOT to stop absorbing and even promoting the irreverence of our culture. It is utterly impossible to square with Scripture. That is, if we read it.

For many years, when I thought about marriage and dating and courtship, I thought about compatibility. I thought about what would be the absolute ideal woman for me in every way; looks, personality, etc. And then there was a shift in my thinking. And with that shift came the thought, "Shut up and love one woman well." And I decided that either that's what God was telling me, or it was what he ought to be telling me. Obviously I'm joking by discussing what God "ought" to do.

I will share one thing, though--I decided and told a friend that unless I can say, "There walks a godly woman," I will not pursue that woman romantically.

Would a young woman say of me, "There walks a godly man"?

More importantly, what does God think?

The end.


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