Friday, January 1, 2010

This other blog...

I have an idea I am very excited about. It's a separate blog that I started 2 weeks ago:

This blog you are reading now, my main blog, has seen different kinds of postings; poems (one mine and one classic one), journal entries, theological essays, and thoughts on holiness.

My hope for the Reality of Christ blog is to make it different. My hope is for it to become a collaborative effort and for my own entries to be only a fraction of the total postings.

I want the blog (and its readers...and yes, I want it to have readers) to benefit from a spectrum of points of view, just as the body of Christ is comprised of a spectrum of personalities, spiritual gifts, backgrounds, and desires, with the result that we embrace God, His presence, His holiness and His Word with our hearts' affections and with our minds' awareness.


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